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Dear client,
We gladly send fabrics or whatever you want from our store to you. Make your order, choose everything you like and when you are done choose option: "Direct Afrekenen"
Neglect "verzendkosten" (standard € 6,95) but that is not correct.
Then choose: "Overmaken van het bedrag".
On this page you fill in all what is asked and then click on the button "verzend mijn bestelling".
When everything works you will get an email to confirm your order with everything what you ordered.
The same mail is send to us.
As soon as possible we answer your mail. (almost always the same day). We confirm in that mail if all the fabrics are availleble, and what the costs are for sending it.
In this mail you also get information about how to pay.
We use PayPal. With PayPal you can pay with Visa, Mastercard, your own bankaccount or with a PayPal account from your own.
When we see that the payment is done, we send the package to your adres. We also send the same day an email that it is on it's way.
I hope this is enough information and we look forward to be at your service.
De Lapjesschuur
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